Thursday, July 19, 2007

End o' week musings

My life has been borderline chaotic since I returned from vacation, but that's jumping ahead. When we last chatted, I was preparing for my trip to Solana Beach. On Saturday, the 7th, I practiced with my band and then hit the road. On the way I stopped at Tom's Farms in Temecula for a late lunch- I love their little hamburger place! The food is great - my faves are the turkey burgers and the Irish nachos - and the malts are yummy. On the weekends they have a band playing by the duck pond and there's plenty of tables and chairs so you can dine and listen. Before I left, I nipped into the little wine shop and bought a couple of bottles of one of my favorite brands.

The traffic was terrible- it took me twice the time it should have to reach my friend's family's timeshare! We unpacked partway and decided -what the heck- to go down to the hot tub. All the stress slowly melted away and I was ready for adventure. That evening we hit the local bar, Surf and Saddle and caught a great cover band, Lifelike. This trio is hot! They have an amazing repertoire and the talent to match. You can find out more about them at
Sunday was Squirrel Nut Zippers at the famous Belly Up. What a show! The band was fun with a perky, sultry female lead singer, who could also play banjo, and the rest of the group made the stage shine with their musicianship. The crowd didn't want the show to end - and neither did I.

Tuesday was SeaWorld day! I just love SeaWorld. I think it's great because there's so many shows and exhibits and it's really relaxing, plus for a theme park, the meals are decent. I saw and did everything except the raft ride because it was too late in the day and I didn't want to be all wet again. I particularly enjoyed the Seymour and Clyde evening show, which was a spoof of the other shows in the park, as well as some popular TV shows. It featured walruses, a seal and a smart otter and was filled with laughs.

One thing I have not done before is go to the Anheiser-Bush section of the park. I decided to attend the Brewmasters Club. A small group (two-four) is taken to a table and you are each served samples of your choice of four beers from the menu. Your host also serves a platter of fruit, cheese, crackers and chocolates. Our host, Inga, told us about the beers and explained how to properly serve and pour them and what foods to pair them with. She also gave us cards that offered pairing for each sample we had, so we would remember when we got home. After the sampling, we were invited to go into the tap room/restaurant next door and try two more tastes. It was fun and educational.

Wednesday night is open mic night at the Surf and Saddle, so there we were again. There was a long list of bands and individual musicians seeking stage time, so not everyone got a chance- including me! But I still left happy because I caught one of the last acts, Wolf Pack. This band does a selection of cover and original rock with a blues bent, such as Led Zeppelin, and they do it well. They have the classic rocker look and sound, along with talent and sparkle. Learn more about them at

The rest of my time during the week was spent boogie boarding, swimming, walking, shopping and relaxing... I will admit I also spent some time working on my new dance costume.

Back home I've been busy with belly dance rehearsals, finishing my costume and writing lots of new stories. I had a nice interview with Tom Araya of Slayer too.

I'll be performing at the Body Art Expo at the Fairplex in Pomona tomorrow (Friday), Saturday and Sunday. If you're into tattoos, body modification and art or just simply curious, this is the place to see a range of artists from around the globe, do some shopping (including clothes and gifts) and catch some great live entertainment. For more info, visit or

In rotation this week: Joan Baez, Tim Curry, Offspring, Tribe of Gypsies, Stratovarius, Mars Volta, Soliliquist of Sound, the Randies, Queen, Gravity Kills and Long Way.
Get off your tushie and live! Discover a new favorite place, treat one of your parents or siblings to a day out, try a new food, do something you're always wanted to try, but have put off... Whatever you do, make it an adventure and
keep on rockin'

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