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Anberlin making noise with new album and tour

ANBERLIN’s third album CITIES has now surpassed sales of 100,000 after debuting in early March on the Billboard Top 200 chart at #19, marking the second highest debut for a Tooth & Nail artist.
ANBERLIN’s first single “Godspeed”--which the New York Times hailed as “a blast, zippy and melodramatic in equal measure”--has spawned a video that was lensed by Chris Sims (Bleeding Through, As I Lay Dying) and heads for TV adds this week.
Check out the video for “Godspeed” here:
After wrapping a successful sold-out headlining tour with Bayside and Meg and Dia supporting, ANBERLIN are currently a headlining act (rotating on the main stage and Smartpunk stages) on the Vans Warped Tour--their first-ever run on the festival juggernaut--this summer through the end of July. Following their Vans Warped Tour run, the group will perform a handful of festival shows culminating with an appearance at the Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle on September 2.
Meanwhile, ANBERLIN is garnering major critical acclaim. In the band’s June 2007 Alternative Press feature, writer Jonah Bayer heralded:
“…an album that is truly deserving of hyperbolic adjectives like ‘massive.’ When the opening riff to ‘Godspeed’ (the album’s first single) kicks in after a brief instrumental prelude, it’s capable of stopping your heart as fast as it’ll blast your eardrums. ‘They lied when they said the good die young,’ Christian croons over the song’s chorus, as the guitars drive the song to an inevitable climax that encounters electronic flourishes, soaring backing vocals and yes, a full-on guitar solo along the way. Amazingly, the rest of CITIES retains that grandiosity without falling back on formulas. ‘The Unwinding Cable Car’ features shimmering acoustic instrumentation and sounds eerily like Tonight and Forever-era Sense Field, while ‘Reclusion’ introduces futuristic synthesizers into the band’s brand of guitar-driven modern rock to create a Duran Duran meets Jimmy-Eat-World hybrid.”

See below for more critical reaction to CITIES:

“Stocked with surging, textured arena-emo anthems like ‘Hello Alone.’ …CITIES is Anberlin’s entry into ambitious Big Album territory.”
--Mikael Wood, REVOLVER, June 2007

“Single ‘Godspeed,’ as its name suggests, is a fevered, headlong rush that glories in spiraling production and exhilarating chorus. Imagine spinning in delirious circles under a vast, clear sky, reveling in the dizzying velocity. We don’t know whether to call it post-emo or turbo-charged pop rock, but no doubt, Anberlin is in the final countdown to stardom.”
--Christa Titus, BILLBOARD “Godspeed” single review, March 3, 2007

“‘Godspeed’ is the new single from the emo band Anberlin, and it's a blast: zippy and melodramatic in equal measure. As the band gallops along, encouraged by the occasional ‘Whoa-oh’ or ‘Hey!,’ Stephen Christian sings about love and drugs and death, evoking a familiar mishmash of post-adolescent confusion. But Mr. Christian isn't quite as confused as he first sounds. …In the defiant chorus, confusion gives way to furious indictment of ‘fashion-statement suicide’: "They lied when they said the good die young/Stay with me, stay with me tonight." …With CITIES, Anberlin's grand and rousing third album, emo should become a little harder to ignore.”
--Kelefa Sanneh, NEW YORK TIMES, February 19, 2007

“With 2005’s Never Take Friendship Personal, Anberlin laid out one of emo’s most finely detailed emotional roadmaps. CITIES, though, constructs its skyline from the inner psyche, using the steely beams of Joseph Milligan and Nathan Strayer’s guitars and Stephen Christian’s glassy tenor as basic materials. ‘I grow tired of writing songs while people listen but never hear what’s really going on now,’ Christian sings, and, while he certainly has his inscrutable moments, he also invests plenty of meaning in CITIES’ towering melodies.”
--Brian Mansfield, USA TODAY, February 20, 2007

“The new disc is a sonic leap forward, with an emphasis on rich melodies and no more screamo. An instrumental interlude ‘Debut’ is followed by an adrenaline-pumping anthem ‘Godspeed’ and capped off by the swelling epic final track ‘Fin,’ which clocks in at more than eight minutes and features a boy’s choir. Elsewhere, the tunes recall the urgency of Jimmy Eat World ‘Hello Alone’ with The Church-styled moodiness ‘The Unwinding Cable Car.’ Copeland’s Aaron Marsh provides guest vocals on ‘Inevitable.’”
--George Paul, INLAND VALLEY DAILY BULLETIN, (Los Angeles Newsgroup), March 9, 2007

“Everything about Anberlin’s third album CITIES is bigger and better than its breakthrough previous album Never Take Friendship Personal. In fact, CITIES has a louder bark, a deeper bite, packs a bolder attitude and has a bigger set of balls than anything this FL band has done previously. And it wouldn’t be a shock if CITIES, with its edgy yet emotional rock anthems like ‘Adelaide,’ the breathtaking acoustic number ‘The Unwinding Cable Car,’ and the whipsmart ‘A Whisper And A Clamour,’ is the album that defines Anberlin’s career down the road. …Anberlin has managed the unthinkable feat: seamlessly and effortlessly combining the hugeness of arena rock with the earnest honesty of indie rock on a single album.”
--Amy Sciarretto, OUTBURN, April--June 2007

“As rock du jour, it takes after the soccer stadium sonics of Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’ though its hooks emanate not from anthemic punk, but from mid 80’s gloss-pop. …make way for ‘Inevitable’: When you put soft hooks to a lyric like ‘I want to the last first kiss that you’ll ever have,’ you end up with inescapable, last-a-lifetime stuff.”
--Ben Wener, ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER, February 26, 2007

“Anberlin, now on its third album, has made the record meant to launch the Florida-based emo outfit into the major leagues. ‘Godspeed’ serves as nothing less than an unapologetic grand slam, its successor ‘Adelaide’ bridges the chasm twixt glam rock of olde and the current variety being paraded about by the Hot Topic nation with grace and maturity, while the ballad-y ‘The Unwinding Cable Car’ could easily be a Travis outtake…[frontman] Christian proves himself as one of the better pop lyricists at the moment.”
--WICHITA CITY PAPER, March 1, 2007

“...the band still remains true to their roots with frontman Stephen Christian’s vocal melodies being more catchy than ever while keeping his signature grittiness. Another of the most visually engaging live bands coming up right now, Anberlin is quickly becoming the band on everyone’s radar. “
--Brien Overly, CAMPUS CIRCLE, (Southern CA), March 10, 2007

“Anberlin is no stranger to the emo-inflicted rock landscape. Now with its third album, the quintet has expanded its beefed-up, uber-melodic approach to include heavier subject matter and acoustic balladry. Make no mistake though, soaring vocals and raging guitars dominate this offering.”
--Albert Vega, MUSIC CONNECTION, March 25, 2007

“ [CITIES] is a building, swelling epic.’”
--Matt Neatock, CHORD (April 2007)

“Solid standouts among the current crop of Alternative Press-approved dance-rock contenders, Anberlin deliver their most modern-sounding collection of 80’s inspired synthed-up throwdowns.”
--Julie Seabaugh, LAS VEGAS WEEKLY, March 9, 2007

“’Godspeed’ engages the listener as soon as the swell of the guitars reaches its summit. The entire album maintains this anthematic and anticipative charge that never seems to stop.”
--HM MAGAZINE, April 2007

“A flawless production revealing powerful vocals and the perfect blend of instruments. Songs like ‘Godspeed’ capture your attention right off the bat with their high energy guitar riffs and choruses that beg you to sing along.”
--Shane Weller, NO COVER, April 2007

“One of the best songs on CITES, ‘Dismantle. Repair’ is a soaring, anthem-like track that will certainly find its way to airwaves in the band’s future, while also becoming a live favorite.”
--Stephen Ortiz, DAILY CAMPUS (University of Connecticut), February 22, 2007

“Big guitars and big drums set the tone for CITIES, a dozen sweeping, propulsive, adrenaline-fueled tunes fully fit for jump-dancing and fist-pumping.”
--Jim Fischer, THIS WEEK, (Columbus, OH) April 26, 2007

“Fans who have waited two years since their last release will be pleased to see that this CD [CITIES], much like their last, has that great fast paced sound. Hitting the studios after promoting their last CD in 2005, Never Take Friendship Personal, Anberlin have created an album with a new sound while still keeping in style with their spiritual lyrics.”
--Rich Mendez, AQUARIAN WEEKLY (NJ), February 21, 2007

“Sticky sweet pop melodies, explosive pop-punk chord progressions…tracks such as the acoustic guitar-driven ‘The Unwinding Cable Car’ is emo at its most naked and includes some pretty darn impressive vocal harmonies.”
--Greg Prato, ALLMUSIC, February 20, 2007

“Musically, the band eliminates almost all their pop sensibility while remaining immensely catchy. The album displays a moodier vibe throughout. They also hit harder than ever before on the rip roaring first single ‘Godspeed’ as Young relentlessly pounds on the skins. The synth makes a few appearances on some tracks, adding another element to tracks like ‘Adelaide’ (one of the catchiest choruses’ Anberlin has ever written) and ‘Reclusion’ an industrial rocker played at break-neck speed. While a lot of the songs are high on adrenaline and meant to be played loud, there are still a handful of slower songs that Anberlin excel in. ‘The Unwinding Cable Car’ is a beautiful track that show how versatile Christian’s voice is. The highlight of CITIES comes in the form of the six and a half minute album closer, ‘Fin.’ The acoustic guitar is mesmerizing as Christian calmly sings his passionate lyrics. The song reaches its peak when all the instruments kick in, along with a children’s choir, to give ‘Fin’ an emphatic and epic ending. Not only is it the best song Anberlin has ever written, but it’s also one of the best songs you’ll hear in 2007.”
--Drew Beringer, ABSOLUTEPUNK.COM, February 2007

“[‘Godspeed’] contains everything about Anberlin that I love; powerful, driving guitars and drums, amazing vocal work by [frontman] Christian and a catchy as hell chorus. And make no mistake about it the vocals are what make this record. Christian has one of the most easily recognizable voices in rock today and his tone and delivery help set this band apart from its contemporaries.”
--Ian Lashbrook, PUNKBANDS.COM, February 20, 2007

“…epic, electro-leaning walls of sound.”
--CREATIVE LOAFING (Tampa), March 29, 2007

Catch ANBERLIN on the road this summer:

Vans Warped Tour:
Sat 7/7 Salt Lake City, UT Utah State Fairgrounds
Sun 7/8 Denver, CO Invesco Field at Mile High
Wed 7/11 Phoenix, AZ Cricket Pavilion
Thu 7/12 Las Cruces, NM NMSU Practice Field
Fri 7/13 San Antonio, TX Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
Sat 7/14 Dallas, TX Smirnoff
Sun 7/15 Houston, TX Reliant Center
Wed 7/18 Atlanta, GA Hi Fi Amphitheatre
Thu 7/19 Jacksonville, FL Reynolds Park Yacht Center
Fri 7/20 Tampa, FL Vinoy Park
Sat 7/21 Miami, FL Bicentennial Park
Sun 7/22 Orlando, FL Tinker Field
Mon 7/23 Charlotte, NC Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
Tue 7/24 Virginia Beach, VA Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
Wed 7/25 Columbia, MD Merriweather Post Pavilion
Thu 7/26 Scranton, PA Montage Mountain Amphitheatre
Fri 7/27 Detroit, MI Comerica Park + Street
U.S. Festival shows:
Purple Door Festival
Fri 8/17 Lewisberry, PA Purple Door Fest
Blink Festival
Sat 8/18 N. Lawrence, OH Clay’s Park Amphitheatre
Lifelight Festival
Sun 9/1 Sioux Falls, SD Wild Water West Park
Bumbershoot Festival w/Kings of Leon, Andrew Bird Art Brut and others
Mon 9/2 Seattle, WA Bumbershoot Festival

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