Friday, July 27, 2007

Support Wicked Relish

I received this e-mail from my friends, Wicked Relish. This local band works as hard as they rock and definitely deserves a chance at the big time. Check them out and, if you agree, help them with this contest. ~M

Attention all Wicked Relish Friends & Family,

We are in a contest for a record deal with Ironworks Records owned by Kiefer Sutherland. All you have to do to help us win is follow the instructions below on how to vote. The video is Chaos and is currently on page 18. We will appreciate any help we can get, and please try to spread the word. Thank you very much.

Here's how the voting works:

Voting / Phase 1: now - 8/5.
Log on to WWW.ROCKSTAR987.COM NOW and vote for the Fan Favorite. You will be able to vote one time on any of the eligible entries. Only one vote per e-mail address. The top 15 vote getters will advance to Phase II Voting.

Voting / Phase II: 8/6 - 8/ 14.
Top 15 Fan Favorite entries with the most votes will be displayed online for voting. You will be able to vote again for your Fan Favorite one time from the top 15. The entry with the most votes advances to the finale. Only one vote per e-mail address.

Gabriel Rueda

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dj1173 said...

Wicked Relish definitely deserves it, they have been together for so long and they are all true friends.