Friday, July 27, 2007

End o' week musings

As you may recall, I cut short last week because I was dancing at the Body Art Expo. Well, it was a blast! I met a lot of nice people, reunited with old friends and had an overall great time. In between sets and helping out with giveaways and contests, I managed to get in a tad of shopping and didn't go over my budget!

I hope you enjoy this photo of me in action from last Saturday at the Body Art Expo. The photo was taken by Richard, who specializes in Renaissance Fair and belly dance photography. You can see more of his work (and you should because he's good) at

On Monday I was worn out, but I knew better than to lay around like a big slug in front of the television all day- I didn't want my sore muscles to get stiff. So I put on some comfy shoes and headed out to Ontario Mills for a slow wander through the mall with some rest stops here and there. When I completed the large lap, the air conditioned theater was beckoning and I watched "Transformers." The film was a lot of fun, a bit intense and violent at times, but it was quite enjoyable and a great break from reality. I think what also made it interesting was that my brother, Jason, had quite a collection of toys. He would use Legos to create creatures like the Transformers characters and I think he might of even had a few of the real ones too. I just wish I could persuade him to go see the movie with me because I know he would love it.

The rest of my week has been quiet~ writing away at my job, editing and writing for and even doing some - don't faint - housework. I have band practice tomorrow and will be going to the Irwindale Raceway in the evening. Sunday I am hoping to make it down to the beach for the surfing competitions (I'll be watching, not hanging ten).
In rotation this week: Dio, Rob Zombie, Shakira, Tribe of Gypsies, Wicked Tinkers, Tim Curry, the Offspring, Joan Baez, Joe Walla Band, Gwar and Slayer.
This week I'm going to share with you the thought my deskmate, Linda, lives by:
"Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be" ~ Abraham Lincoln.
"And god knows what he went through," Linda says. "Two out of four of his boys died during his lifetime, not to mention the Civil War."
In other words, think happy, live happy ~ attitude is everything!
It also helps if you
keep on rockin'

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