Tuesday, July 17, 2007

KMFDM returns with new album in August

I really dig this band and can't wait to hear the new release! And I'll be sure to make plans as soon as a tour is announced. If you like the album, you'll love 'em live. ~M

2007 marks the return of seminal artists KMFDM with their 15th studio album--TOHUVABOHU--out August 21 via Metropolis Records and KMFDM Records.

KMFDM, now in their 24th year having been spawned in Paris, France on February 29, 1984, remain a musical entity to be reckoned with. Combining relentless experimentation and reinvention, the group continues to unleash a barrage of the Ultra-Heavy Beats, allowing their fans to dance with abandon, bang their heads or dissect the group’s balance of striking lyricism and political/societal observations. To date, the band has sold well over 2 million albums worldwide.
With TOHUVABOHU--an Old Testament word meaning “wild and chaotic”-- KMFDM re-establish themselves as a vital force.
Leader and founder SASCHA KONIETZKO (Vocals, Synthesizers, Machines), LUCIA CIFARELLI (Vocals) and JULES HODGSON (Guitar, Bass, Keys), STEVE WHITE (Guitar) and ANDY SELWAY (Drums) expand the growing list of languages sung in their catalog, with German, Spanish, Latin, Hebrew and Lingala (an African language) all heard on TOHUVABOHU. The group included a Spanish-language cover of the German cult-group Liasions Dangereuses’ dancefloor favorite “Los Ninos Del Parque” which provides a perfectly retro/electronic departure.
Demonstrating once again that KMFDM (rough translation “No Pity For The Majority”) belongs to the people and vice versa, the group invited fans from all over the world to call into a phone hotline and record personal stories of what KMFDM means to them. SASCHA or Käpt'n K.--as he is known to the group’s devoted horde--wove the voices throughout the album’s opener “Superpower.” Other highlights on the album include the danceable “Looking For Strange,” the metal-tinged “Saft Und Kraft,” the EBM-like “Spit Or Swallow” and the darkwave-powered “Tohuvabohu.”

The complete track listing for TOHUVABOHU is as follows:
1. Super Power
2. Looking For Strange
3. Tohuvabohu
4. I Am What I Am
5. Saft Und Kraft
6. Headcase
7. Los Ninos
8. Not In My Name
9. Spit Or Swallow
10. Fait Accompli
11. Bumaye


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