Friday, July 30, 2010

NazB releases new album

Michael Ozigbo, aka NazB, is not your average hip hop superstar.

Born in Nigeria and raised in Switzerland, NazB’s background is as far from the archetypal rapper’s upbringing as it is possible to get. Perhaps that’s why his music is so different, so fresh and so exciting.

With the release of his second album, ‘Out From Da Jungle’, NazB is ready to hit the musical mainstream with his unique blend of African inspired pop, hip hop and r’n’b.

The album tells the story of a young African man chasing his dream in Europe. Sound like a familiar tale? Well, in many ways it is NazB’s own story. In that sense, this is a particularly personal record. And it’s all the better for it.

The lyrics - by turns funny, serious, profound and witty - tell real life stories of the artist’s experiences of living on the streets and of confronting issues around race, religion and politics.
NazB calls his music “rap music from my soul”, and that’s what it is. It is heartfelt and honest. It is as far removed from the bling-fuelled bragging of some of his American peers as it is possible to get. And this record is all the stronger for it.

The sound, likely to appeal to rap aficionados and newcomers alike, is polished and crisp. Aided by some of the best American ,European and African producers around, including Andy Prinz , Harry Kennedy, Blax Beats, Rodney Rymez, Redbioul, Imperial Courtesy, Prokassy, Adebola Adesida, Carlitos , and Grammy winner Steve Pageot, the sound is consistently fresh and innovative.

Featuring talented artist such as Dior, Cherrelle Clarke, Sergio aka Max Urban, Shortee , Blax, Nanalee, Simple Sam, and G Money who has worked with the late rap legend 2pac, and this is as complete a hip hop album as you are likely to hear all year.

NazB has already been making waves in much of Europe and Africa. With the release of ‘Out From Da Jungle’, this rapper is about to hit the global stage in a big way.

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