Monday, July 19, 2010

Tony Evans releases new album

Remember when people used to sing real songs about real people with real feelings? Well, Tony Evans does, and, thanks to some help from a genuine musical legend,

Evans’ new album – ‘The Faces of Love’ – is a celebration of that most wonderful and most painful of all emotions. Evans’ deep, soulful baritone voice takes the listener on a journey through every aspect of that thing we call love.

‘The Faces of Love’ introduces a new musical talent to the world. With an ear for a great tune and a collection of poppy r&b melodies, Evans has a sound that will please the soul aficionado and the casual listener alike.

And that sound is crafted by one of the rare bona fide legends of soul music. Harold K Taylor has been a recording engineer for the iconic Motown label since the tender age of 17, and he’s still making beautiful records today.

Taylor has worked with a veritable catalogue of Motown’s greatest artists. From Marvin Gaye to Stevie Wonder via The Supremes, The Four Tops and Gladys Knight, Taylor has made music with anyone’s who’s been anyone in soul music for the last half century.

It is testament to the rare talent of Evans that Taylor has now touched him with his unique musical stardust.

The combination of the rising star with a voice in a million and the experienced producer from America’s number one hit factory has created a record that is likely to go down as a modern classic. But it so easily could never have happened..

Evans only began performing because he promised a friend he would sing at her wedding, thinking the day would never come. It did, and a star was born. While Taylor only came across his latest project after hearing Evans sing at a friend’s house.

One listen to ‘The Faces of Love’ and you’ll be thankful that these two talents finally came together.

And for more of Taylor’s insights and stories from his decades working out of Hitsville, USA, his book – ‘The Motown Music Machine’ – is available from Evans’ website

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